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 In 2005 it was noted that the boards of the old layout had started to warp, so I decided to build a new one.
As Playmobil had now produced five radio controlled trains the new layout would be made so that it could accommodate all of them.
 The old layout had been too large for some exhibitions so I decided that the new layout would be made in modular sections. The height of the boards would still be low at 16½ inches (42cm). The maximum depth from front to back would be eight feet (244cm) and the centre section shown in green on the plan were made to take three lengths of Playmobil straight track. This could be removed so that the minimum depth could be
5 feet 4 inches (162cm). Using only the corner boards shown in red on the plan that are four feet (122cm) long so the minimum length would be eight feet (244cm), and would allow three trains to be run.
 Additional boards could then be added each being four lengths of Playmobil straight track which made them
4 feet 2¼ inches (128cm). The longest length of the layout being 30 feet (922cm).

 If the boards were used with the centre section removed then short trains would be run. Depending on the length of the boards would depend how many trains I was able to run. The points at the back of the layout had point motors fitted so that the trains could be directed into the correct siding after running.
 The first us of the full depth layout was in May 2007 and with the centre section removed in June 2007. The full layout going to the exhibition Lytham in October 2007. However in September Playmobil brought out a sixth radio controlled locomotive. Alterations have since taken place so that this can be run when there in a layout of 19 feet or longer.
 The control desk is put in front on the left hand side. On the old layout I had a section placed on boxes for the children to play with various items of Playmobil. This has now had its own legs fitted so that they can be put on the remainder of the front. These sections can be adjusted to fit across the length of the layout.

 Section X shown in blue on the plan is the crossover section  4feet 6½inches (142cm) can only be used when the layout is the full death. Board F3 is the harbour and apart from the four corner boards most of the other boards can be used in any combination.

Modular Layout 60


Due to sometimes the layout is used with the back to a wall the boards are made from 12mm plywood so that it can be walked on should a train come off the track at the back. Wanting a cheap and easy way to fit the boards together, a development of the method used on the original layout was used.
The basic principal is to have short pieces of wood sticking out from under the boards where they join; so that the pieces of wood interlock when the boards are place together.

 Two Pins
Board Ends

When the boards are in line small holes are drilled through the boards into two of the locking pieces of wood. Two pins can then be inserted through the holes which will hold the boards together. Try to arrange it so that the wood sticking out is near were the track crosses the joint. This also protects the track ends when the board is put on end.

Two Pins 3 Two Pins 4 Two Pins 5

To help in putting the boards together the ends of the pieces are rounded. The top edges are also rounded where they go under the opposite boards, and underside of the boards also being rounded where the pieces slide under. A small gap is left at the sides of the pieces to allow a small amount of movement when the boards are pushed together. Inserting the pins will bring the boards into line.
Putting a silicone furniture polish on the sliding surfaces will help when they are pushed together.

The dioramas from the original layout can be used, whereas they were mostly on boards 18" x 18" or 12" x 12" other sizes are also used to accommodate the Playmobil sets. Also some of the vehicles are now placed loosely on the boards, but this is kept to a minimum to reduce set up time. Therefore the dioramas can be used in different combinations that may be required.

Below are photographs of the new layout and show some of the various configurations that are possible.
                                                   Click on a photograph to enlarge it.

  Pen 2008 1 Pen 2008 2 Pen 2008 3 Pen 2008 4
Penmorfa May 2008

Stroud 2008 A Stroud 2008 B Stroud 2008 C Stroud 2008 D

Stroud June 2008

  Talsarnau 2008 A Talsarnau 2008 B Talsarnau 2008 CTalsarnau 2008 D
Talsarnau July 2008

Lincoln 2009 A
Lincoln 2009 B Lincoln 2009 C
Lincoln 2009 D Lincoln 2009 E Lincoln 2009 F
Lincoln February 2009

Pen2009 A Pen2009 B Pen2009 C Pen2009 D
Penmorfa May 2009

Stroud 2009 A Stroud 2009 B Stroud 2009 C Stroud 2009 D
Stroud June 2009

  Llechwedd 2009 A Llechwedd 2009 B Llechwedd 2009 C
Llechwedd 2009 D
Llechwedd Slate Caverns July 2009

Lytham 2009 A Lytham 2009 B Lytham 2009 C
Lytham 2009 D Lytham 2009 E Lytham 2009 F
Lytham October 2009

Lincoln 2010 A Lincoln 2010 B Lincoln 2010 C Lincoln 2010 D Lincoln 2010 E
Lincoln February 2010

Pen 2010 A Pen 2010 B Pen 2010 C
Pen 2010 D Pen 2010 E Pen 2010 F Pen 2010 G
Penmorfa May 2010

Lytham 2010 A Lytham 2010 B Lytham 2010 C Lytham2010 D
Lytham 2010 E Lytham 2010 F
Lytham 2010 G
Lytham October 2010

Pen 2011 A Pen 2011 B Pen 2011 C Pen 2011 D
 Pen 2011 E Pen 2011 F
Pen 2011 G
Penmorfa May 2011

Corris 2011 A Corris 2011 B Corris 2011 C Corris 2011 D Corris 2011 E
Corris 2011 F Corris 2011 G Corris 2011 H
Corris 2011 I
Corris August 2011

Lytham 2011 A Lytham 2011 B Lytham 2011 C Lytham 2011 D
Lytham 2011 E Lytham 2011 F Lytham 2011 G
Lytham 2011 H
Lytham October 2011

Pen 2012 A Pen 2012 B Pen 2012 C
Pen 2012 D Pen 2012 E
Pen 2012 F
Penmorfa June 2012

Lifeboat 2012 A Lifeboat 2012 B Lifeboat 2012 C
Lifeboat 2012 D
Lytham St Annes Lifeboat Fun Day August 12th 2012

Corris 2012 AA Corris 2012 A Corris 2012 BCorris 2012 C
Corris 2012 D Corris 2012 E Corris 2012 F
Corris August 2012

Lytham 2012 A Lytham 2012 B Lytham 2012 C Lytham 2012 D
Lytham 2012 E

Lytham 2012 F Lytham 2012 G Lytham 2012 H Lytham 2012 J Lytham 2012 K1
Lytham October 2012

WHHR 2013 01 WHHR 2013 02 WHHR 2013 03 WHHR 2013 04

WHHR 2013 05 WHHR 2013 06 WHHR 2013 07 WHHR 2013 08
Welsh Highland Heritage Railway Porthmadog May 2013

Pen 2013 A Pen 2013 B Pen 2013 C Pen 2013 D Pen 2013 E
Penmorfa May 2013

Kirkbean 2013 KKirkbean 2013 A Kirkbean 2013 B Kirkbean 2013 C

Kirkbean 2013 D Kirkbean 2013 E Kirkbean 2013 F Kirkbean 2013 G  

Kirkbean 2013 H Kirkbean 2013 I Kirkbean 2013 J
    Kirkbean July 2013

Lytham Lifboat 2013 A Lytham Lifboat 2013 B Lytham Lifboat 2013 C

Lytham Lifboat 2013 D Lytham Lifboat 2013 E Lytham Lifboat 2013 F

Lytham St Annes Lifeboat Fun Day August 2013

Corris 2013 HCorris 2013 A Corris 2013 B Corris 2013 C

Corris 2013 DCorris 2013 J Corris 2013 F Corris 2013 G

Corris exhibition at Machynlleth August 2013

Stafford 2014 A Stafford 2014 B Stafford 2014 C Stafford 2014 D

Stafford 2014 E Stafford 2014 F Stafford 2014 H Stafford 2014 G

Stafford G Rail March 23rd 2014

WHHR 2014 A WHHR 2014 B WHHR 2014 C WHHR 2014 D

WHHR 2014 E WHHR 2014 F WHHR 2014 G

Welsh Highland Heritage Railway May 2013

Lytham 2014 A Lytham 2014 B Lytham 2014 C

Lytham 2014 D Lytham 2014 E Lytham 2014 F

Lytham St Annes Lifeboat Fun Day August 2014

Kirkbean 2014 A Kirkbean 2014 B Kirkbean 2014 C Kirkbean 2014 DKirkbean 2014 E

Kirkbean 2014 F Kirkbean 2014 G Kirkbean 2014 H Kirkbean 2014 I Kirkbean 2014 J

Kirkbean 2014 K Kirkbean 2014 L Kirkbean 2014 M Kirkbean 2014 N Kirkbean 2014 O

 Kirkbean July 2014

 Kirkbean 2014 QKirkbean 2014 UKirkbean 2014 RKirkbean 2014 SKirkbean 2014 X

Kirkbean 2014 TKirkbean 2014 YKirkbean 2014 VKirkbean 2014 W Kirkbean 2014 P

Other displays at Kirkbean 2014

Corris 2014 H Corris 2014 F Corris 2014 E Corris 2014 C
Corris 2014 D Corris 2014 G Corris 2014 B Corris 2014 A

Corris exhibition at Machynlleth August 2014

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