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The first layout had the dioramas on boards 18" (46cm) x 18" (46cm) or 18" (46cm) x 12" (30cm) These were also used on the new layout. It was found that these sizes where not always the best for the dioramas or for carrying in the boxes to the exhibitions. Therefore there are two ways it is now done. If the diorama is to be a fixed area this is set out on a flat surface, or the items are just put down on a flat surface as required.

Christmas 1   Christmas 2
Camels  and figures set up for Christmas layout and items for Dino diorama

The next thing to do is measure the size of the board required and make a note of how every thing is in relation to each other. If you have a digital camera tale a photograph of the diorama set up.
Cut the base to size using 2mm or 4mm thick plywood. Paint both sides with a primer. After this has dried the top is painted with an undercoat.

Christmas 3

The top is then painted with the colour required. Green or brown on the main layout or white emulsion on the Christmas layout. When the top coat has dried it is genteelly rubbed down with sandpaper, this helps to key the figures which are then stuck down using a hot glue gun.

Christmas 4 Christmas 5
For vehicles a block is of wood is cut to fit under the vehicle
Christmas 6 Christmas 7
Put a screw into it from the vehicle. Then screw into the block from under the plywood. This will hold it down as the amount of glue on the bottom of the tyres will not always hold a heavy vehicle down and it will fall of the  diorama when it is moved. Should the vehicle be high the block of wood is painted the same colour as the base.

Christmas 8 Christmas 9
For the Christmas layout the snow is made from white emulsion
mixed with Noch 08750 snow powder stapled on with a brush

Christmas 10 Christmas 11
Camel diorama ready for Christmas layout and Dino diorama

   Christmas 12  Christmas 13 Christmas 14 Christmas 15
The dioramas placed on the layouts

Original when I had to fasten large buildings on the boards I fixed them by using a hot glue gun.
The problem was if the plywood base tended to flex when being moved then the buildings would tend to come loose. I now use small nuts and bolts through the bases of the buildings and this tends to keep them in place. The building are drilled and the bolt place from under the plywood and the nut placed on the top. If possible the nut will be covered with a piece of furniture, a figure or a tree ect.


5552 5552 Back 5548 Stop 5548 Going
5552 Front & Back                5548 Stopped & Going               

5554 5553 5553 A
5554                           5553               

5547 5549 5555 5546
5547                        5549                          5555                     5546

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